ICF Builder Group was designed to provide the resources you need to be successful as an ICF professional.
ICF Builder Group is a great way to help ensure the success of the industry as a whole.
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ICF Builder Group is a professional trade association for an elite group of  ICF installers, designers, distributors, and engineers.  Launched in May 2015, the group is already driving demand and raising awareness.   It has partnered with other concrete promotion groups to create major ICF events at the International Builder Show (IBS) and World of Concrete (WOC) trade shows.  Additional promotional efforts and partnerships are underway as well.   Several major form manufacturers have lined up behind the group, including the support and encouragement of the corresponding manufacturer association, the Council of ICF Industries (CICFI).

If you have a passion for ICFs and a commitment to build for the future, this is where you need to be. Join a group with a strong, unified industry voice that is sharing our message effectively. Manufacturers and ancillary product manufacturers are also welcome to join.  We need your input as well.

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